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For over 20 years, K. Ito & Associates Ltd. has been introducing high quality, innovative North American building designs and building materials to the Japanese market.  It is our belief that by developing an increasing awareness of Canadian building technology in the Japanese construction industry, a strong, permanent demand for Canadian building products and services will be fostered in that country.  To this end, K. Ito & Associates Ltd. actively promotes North American-style home designs and construction methods in Japan through seminars, participation in trade shows and consultation with potential clients in addition to producing custom 2 x 4 home designs.

K. Ito & Associates Ltd. is also a member of the Super E House program that was developed by Natural Resources Canada to introduce Japanese importers to Canada's best housing technologies and building practices. With the support and guidance of Natural Resources Canada, we successfully deliver the Super E House Program to this market.

We have more than 20 years experience supplying and exporting building materials to our Japanese clientele.  In its designs and building materials, K. Ito & Associates Ltd. employs high quality Canadian building technology standards, ensuring that all its homes are energy-efficient and environmentally friendly, yet still offer a high level of living comfort.

While our firm also provides local Building Design and Structural Engineering services, it is the export portion of our business that has grown the most in recent years.

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