Building Design

K. Ito & Associates Ltd. actively promotes North American-style home designs and construction methods in Japan. We are involved in building design and also in exporting building materials for various projects. Our approach to designing homes involves extensive consultation with our clients to determine their individual needs and preferences in terms of  both style and budget. When exporting building materials for our clients, we at K. Ito and Associates Ltd. have created a system for planning and controlling the correct quality and quantity of materials specified for export. The building materials are properly ordered in a timely manner and at a reasonable cost.

Our prime interests are laid out on two aspects of North American design and construction. First  is the timber framed residential and commercial building design. Second is the export of building products packaged with technical support to Japan. K. Ito & Associates Ltd. believes in providing high quality Canadian building technology ensuring energy efficient and environmentally friendly homes that provide a high level of living comfort.

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